The Bankrobber

The new album 'Missing' is OUT NOW!

Upcoming Gigs


Honky Tonk - Madrid

  • 09:30 pm, Wednesday
Covarrubias, 24 - Alonso Martinez

Wurlitzer Ballroom - Madrid

  • 09:30 pm, Thursday

Tokyo - Lisbon

  • 09:30 pm, Friday
R. Nova do Carvalho 12

Convivio Associação Guimarães - Braga

  • 09:30 pm, Saturday
Largo da Misericórdia, 7 e 8 Guimarães

Fuga Music Room - Ascoli Piceno

  • 09:30 pm, Saturday
Corso Trento e Trieste 8a - Ascoli Piceno


  • 09:30 pm, Friday
Corso Trento e Trieste 8a - Ascoli Piceno


Missing - 2018

Afraid - 2017

Closer - 2017

The Land of Tales - 2016

Good Road to Follow - 2016

Always on My Mind - 2015


The Bankrobber are an Italian Rock band formed in Riva del Garda in 2008. The band currently consists of brothers Giacomo Oberti (April 27, 1990, lead vocals, guitar) and Maddalena Oberti (December 7, 1996, keyboards, vocals) and their friends Andrea Villani (May 27, 1989, bass guitar, backing vocals) and Stefano Beretta (January 26, 1999, drums, backing vocals). The name The Bankrobber is derived from The Clash's song and their music is primarily influenced by the British new wave and post-punk revival of the new millennium.

After some line up changes Giacomo’s sister Maddalena joined the band and introducing a keyboard and a female voice the sound started to change and turn to their idea of music. Andrea and Giacomo have always been together since they were sixteen starting as everybody playing their favorite songs but they felt the need to write original songs. Few months after forming the band won the National Award “Rock Targato Italia” (2009) and this has encouraged them to play more and more. Few years ago the first drummer left the project, Stefano, the new one is the youngest in the band, he’s 18. Their manager saw him playing in town, after a couple of months he played with The Bankrobber and it was love at first glance.

Between 2013 and 2017 They played in the most important clubs and festivals all over the country sharing the stage with many artists like Dropkick Murphis, Graham Candy, Enrico Ruggeri, Jack Jaselli, Il Pan del Diavolo, Nobraino, J-Ax, Baby K, Mario Venuti, A Toys Orchestra, Andrea Appino and Giorgio Poi. The group has released one EP and two singles : Always on my mind - Elvis Presley cover (2015) and Good Road to Follow (2015) and The Land of Tales (2016).

Artist of the week for Mtv New Generation on late September 2017 The new album "Missing" coming out on February 8th is available for preorder on iTunes and it has been anticipated by the singles "Closer" (Winner of the Akademia Music Award as Best Alternative Rock Song in December 2017) and "Afraid.

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